Accuquilt Go! Big

Look at what I received in the mail today:






An Accuquilt Go! Big Die Cutter!  WHOOP WHOOP!  I belong to a Classified Quilters Facebook Group who was selling this for a 40% discount.  I know what I will be putting on my Christmas list.

We have a Golden Doodle , Jackson, who has such a rough life.  I chuckled when I looked at him in this position.


I tried to get my Challenge Quilt completed this weekend that is due at our Christmas Party December 3rd:


I didn’t get much done as it was so beautiful outside, I cleaned the garage which lead me to getting rid of all my materials to make “Fire Starters.”


I’ve been collecting for years.  First stuff the egg cartons with lint from the dryer.


These candles have been found at yard sales, after holiday discounts, and remains of my left overs.


Melt the candles and pour the wax into the lint.  It’s a very messy job. It took me quite a while to clean my stove!


Let the wax harden and cut apart each egg holder.  This will get wrapped in wax paper on another day.  We use these to start our fires and they work great.

This was a post on one of my facebook groups for Halloween:



I’m Back!!!!

I started a new position with a new company about 5 months ago.  I’m all settled in now and ready to get back to blogging.  I do travel a bit which is exciting to me as I can check-out all the quilt and antique shops from my home to about four hours across the state!!  And today I did just that.  I stopped by the local antique store in Steubenville, Ohio to find another jar (I love my jars and find so many uses for them):


About an hour and some down the road I decided to google quilt shops in the area and luck would have it, one was three miles from the interstate; how awesome is that?


Oh it gets better……….I love Rally’s and we don’t have any locally so it is a treat to find one…..guess what was right around the corner from the quilt shop?  Whoop Whoop!!!  They have THE best fries in the WORLD!!


The quilt shop was AWESOME!!  It was a home turned into a quilt shop.  The 2-car garage was the studio and every room of the house was filled with fabric and patterns and notions and quilts and bags!  I spent well over an hour and enjoyed it immensely.  They had a king size quilt in the studio of this:


So I felt I couldn’t leave without this scrumptious fabric:


I also found these neat little suction cups with a small “handle” on them to place on smaller templates:



I came home to an Amazon package of the off-brand “craft clips” that quilters are now using on binding.  This brand is so much less expensive than what they are selling in quilt stores (bought 100 for $12).  The quality does look and feel the same but they do seem harder to squeeze.  May be an advantage to some as this will ensure binding is held in place when quilt goes all over town with us but may not be an advantage to others who may have issues in use of fingers??


Till another day…………

Saturday Sew-In

I enjoyed the day with two good friends of mine!  I was very productive.  I am working on the 12 months of the Seasonal Silhouettes by Edyta Sitar.  I have the tops completed but today I sewed and cut all the 12 backings.


I like to roll my ironed fabric or flimsies (finished tops) and backing onto swimming tubes to prevent any fold lines!


I cut and sewed binding for two quilts.

I cut and sewed a backing for a quilt I started when my daughter was a baby, she is now 16!!


I played with a bag of scraps a friend gave me of 30’s fabric for either a pincushion or a miniature quilt.


The individual squares is 2 1/4″; sewed 4 together.  Brainless sewing which is what I like when I’m with friends!

Chat soon!

More Pincushions

I received a pincushion from Norway!  I listed that yellow was one of my favorite colors:


She included a unique notecard she made:


I am sending the below to South Africa along with my signature angel pin.  I purchased the Sizzix Flowers 3-D (656545) to make the flower made from wool.


I am sending this to Fort Saskatchewan in Canada.  I used the pattern Cottage Creek Quilts, Wool Pincushions I.


Now I need to get busy making myself one of each of these for my collection!!

Round Robin

One of my Quilt Clubs, Scrap Artists in Bluffton, Ohio, had a Round Robin for the last four months.  We supplied the first 12″ square and could include fabric if we choose.  We received our pizza box back at the last meeting and shared:


The above is mine!  I included a bunch of my 2.5″ squares.




I did the second border on the above and used the Go! Cutter Die by Edyta Sitar, Simple Shapes.  I am going to cut her a bunch of birds to place all over the quilt per her request as she stated she likes birds!


I did the last border on this one and I really like the way this one turned out!


I did the third border on this one with the applique being from the Go! Cutter Die by Sharon Pederson, Rose of Sharon.


I put the first border on this one.

Flower Pincushion Tutorial with This and That Added!

Made this holder to use when I attend retreats; love it!  It uses a 5″ x 7″ acrylic frame that is self-standing.  It is from The Quilt Company “At Your Fingertips.”  Takes very little fabric and not even an hour to make.

IMAG0294The back has a pocket to!


I also found a neat place for the candy the Easter Bunny brought; LOVE mason jars!


Made the Flower Pincushion Tutorial for those interested.



Button Thread

(12)   3″ circles of fabric for pedals

(1)    6″ circle of fabric for middle of flower

(1)   3″ circle of thick/sturdy substance

Filler of crushed walnut shells and polyester fiber fill

I used my Go! die to cut the circles.  I purchased an off-brand die and I would NOT recommend them; the quality is not comparable and the cut is too deep as it ruined one of my Go! covers after just a few uses; not worth the money you save.


If you are not familar with Accuquilt and Go! dies, they are a HUGE time-saver and so easy to use.  Simply place the die on the machine, place the fabric on top the die, place the cover on top and turn the die through the machine.  You can use multiple layers of fabric so your cutting time is reduced drastically!

IMAG0301 IMAG0302 IMAG0303IMAG0304


Fold a circle in half and finger press:


Fold this in half again and finger press:


Hand sew with Button Thread on the raw edge:

IMAG0311 (1)

Continue to fold and sew all circles onto this thread:


Tie the two ends together to form a tight circle:


Sew the large circle with button thread and pull up to form a “pocket” to hold the crushed walnut shells:


I have a small funnel and cup to assist with filling pincushions:

IMAG0324 IMAG0319

When 3/4 full of shells, I stuff the rest with polyester fill and knot tightly:


Press down and form a neat circle:


Over to the glue gun to put everything together; glue the bottom of the  pincushion and adhere to the pedals:

IMAG0326 (1)

Press down firmly to ensure adherence:


Now glue the back firm/thick circle to the bottom, again, pressing firmly:


Done!!    Sew Simple 🙂

I attach one of my “signature” angel pins!  I purchased each piece of this angel at a bead store which was quite expensive:


I purchased these angels on a strand from JoAnn’s very inexpensively:

IMAG0297 (1)

I always have a scrap piece of warm ‘n natural next to my machine that acts as a thread catcher/trash basket:

IMAG0306 (1)

I have attached a small piece of velcro to the back of the thread catcher and my machine table to hold the piece in place:


Very convenient!

What is on My Design Wall Today

Finished cutting all my wool applique pieces for my snowman!  My daughter, Sarah, came in to state that more snowflakes needed to be added randomly; I added the five smaller snowflakes.  I am not sure; what do you think?


Look at what I found tucked in my wool piece I purchased at In the Patch Designs:


Phyllis is one of the most thoughtful and creative peeps I know and I am so blessed to know her.

Finished my Pincushion for my March swap; sending to Norway tomorrow!


And finished my Pincushion I am sending to a wonderful lady who responded for my request for the first issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine; I have every issue since they were born except the first issue of Summer 2011.  I put a request out on my facebook groups and this lady sent the issue to me asking nothing in return so I wanted to show my appreciation by sending her this pincushion (she did state barn red and black were her favorite colors):


I used the paper-piecing method for the Circle Template.   The last piece will need to be ironed down and then sewn down; I used the same color thread as the fabric and sewed down close to the edge with my sewing machine.  Cut around the outside of the circle when finished.

I removed the bulk of the paper, not stressing over every little piece since this is a pincushion.


I placed the backing fabric right sides together and sewed 1/4″ around the circle.   I cut a slit in the backing fabric to be able to turn right sides out.  Clip around the entire circle just to the sewing line.  Turn right sides out.


Stuff with stuffing and hand sew the opening closed.


I hot-glued a button in the middle.

2016 Goals

Last year I made a list of all my UFOs and it helped me NOT purchase more or start more projects as the list ran through my head prior to making a decision of purchasing or starting!  I love Excel so I created a  UFO list  spreadsheet.  “Flimsies” are tops that are finished.  I place a checkmark in whichever stage (column) the quilt is in; you could also use little smiley face stickers!

This year I have created just a goals list for quilts I want to FINISH for 2016.IMAG0233

As you can see, so far this year I have finished 5!!  Yeah me 🙂

IMAG0183 (1)

This bag was for my mom.

IMAG0186 (1)

My mom made this quilt at our retreat in Michigan; I simply had it quilted by For the Love of Quilts by Mary Lou Jones and bound it.  I am claiming this one as mine one day!

IMAG0193 (1)

This one was also completed by my mom at our Tennessee Retreat which was also quilted by Mary Lou.


I can not tell you how happy I am to have this Ugly Quilt (as it was named many, many years ago) out of my life.  My sister purchased the fabric about 10 years ago and I finally gave to her!

IMAG0211 (1)

This is my Fall Quilt I designed and quilted myself.  The pumpkins and leaves in the middle are wool and hand-stitched on.  I want something above the pumpkin; any ideas?

What’s on My Design Wall Today

I want to get this one finished as my mood is not feeling winter and snowmen any more.  However, I did find my snowman wool today so I’m excited to get the applique on as soon as I get the stitching done; my goal for this week.

The pattern is by Curtis Boehringer Quilting called “The Things You’ll Need to Build a Snowman Quilt.”  Here is the pattern:IMAG0221

To applique wool, I trace the design onto wax paper and then cut out about 1/8″ to 1/4″ around the traced line.


Place the wax paper on the wool (or fabric) and iron the shiny side down on the wool.  This acts like a “glue.”


I then cut on the traced lines.  The wax pulls right off when finished cutting and you can reuse this wax paper pattern multiple times.  Wax paper is a staple in my Studio.


Save the little small pieces too small to keep to use for pincushion stuffing as wool is good for your pins and needles.  That little serrated embroidery scissors is truly the bomb!!  They grab the fabric, they are sharp, they are small but they have handles to fit your fingers; highly recommend these.

This is how far I am tonight and I’m calling it quits after I cut out one snowflake:


Holy cow it is after 1:00 am!!  However, it is so motivating to be with a group of peeps with same interests and to a quilt shop with so much inspiration……

In the Patch Designs in Troy, OH; WOOL HEAVEN

Today, my group, Wooly Woolies, visited an awesome wool quilt shop, In the Patch Designs.  The owner, Phyllis, is adorable and her husband is so inviting.  Phyllis is one creative cat as she designs EVERY pattern in her shop with more always in the making.  She hand-dyes her own wool in so many yummy colors and the sizes she sells them in are a dream; seriously, whatever your needs are, she has it!  Phyllis had Make It Take It stations set-up for us (the wool flowers in the below picture).  We spent spent 4 1/2 hours in her shop and loved every minute! Here is her website and she has a tutorial on here for one of the flowers we made today


With this blog stuff, I need to remember to take lots of pictures!!!  I will get better at this 🙂  This is the only picture we have of all of us together as we lost our mind in the quilt shop.

These were my purchases I just couldn’t live without:


I can not turn away from a seam ripper and I found a new one today.  The best part: it wasn’t even $2.00!!


I have been reading about the “wonderful and fabulous” scissors and today we did get to try them; yes, I was sold!  They really do “grab” the fabric as your cutting.


I also purchased an antique baby’s boot that had dried flowers in them but as soon as I noticed it sitting on the shelf, I thought “pincushion!”  I need to find buttons to attach as original ones are missing and it will be PERFECT to add to my collection.  I simply added a ball of stuffing wrapped in linen for the pincushion part:

On a pincushion note, I meet with a group of friends on Monday evenings to work on whatever we choose to bring.  One of the ladies is cleaning house and getting rid of unneeded item and again, when I found them, I thought Pincushion!  I want to paint a willow tree on the shoe but want to ask my friend first:


Notice the pin in the pincushion?  The angel was purchased at JoAnns, slide on the pin with a white head to look like the head and then placed a crimp bead under the angel to hold in place.  The needle is decorative on pincushions (not usable).

Please feel free to comment as I would love to see who has discovered this blog.